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Gold Leather Purses and accessories are very popular due to their enhanced quality. However, they require special attention from us. Leather items such as Gold Leather Purses, clothes, handbags, shoes, gloves, must not be left with dust and dirt on them, as they must be cleaned immediately.

The skin of the stuff gets wrinkled and strengthened if they are dried in front of the heater or stove.

To avoid strengthening of the skin, you must rub it a thin layer of fat made of castor oil, fish oil, etc., then you must apply the cream. The leather coat (only when it is dry) must be rubbed with glycerin. The next day, wipe it with a soft cloth and polish it with a special wax. After the complete process, you will notice the softness and suppleness.

Leather Luster objects

Dip cloth in an egg solution and then rub it over the surface so that to maintain such items. Leather should be cleaned chemically, professionally, but you can also use a few techniques by yourself. The Gold Leather Purses are made of an extremely sensitive material that stains easily. Therefore it is recommended to get the clothing leather pants, skirts and else be dry-cleaned.

Clothes, shoes, gloves as suede, if worn for long, they will become bright, and they will look less beautiful. But don’t be worried as this issue can be resolved by you as well. You only need a few things for the mission : quality eraser (from an ordinary pencil), a suede brush (the wires are very strong), damp cloth and white wine vinegar. Use the eraser to wipe the spots with care to avoid damaging the material. Purchase the brush from the market and brush it on the skin. Put on some of the vinegar over the cloth then scrub the stains and then dry it. Usually the vinegar smell remains in the material for some days. To refresh the shiny parts can use the following procedures:

- Rub with a soft brush, which is soaked in a solution prepared from a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk

- Use an ink eraser, and the brush to rub lightly with a small sandpaper.

Soak a cloth in milk and then use it for cleaning the gold leather purses, colored leather handbags and shoes; lastly use soft cloth for polishing. Apply a thin layer of white wax.

Under no circumstances, you must not use the washing machine for leather clothes and accessories. Chemical curator is required for this purpose. Look on the back of the purse and look for the label, as those who work there can tell you if clothing can be saved. You should not become optimistic. It is very difficult to clean the Sued as it is very sensitive and delicate.

Another method to clean the Gold Leather Purses is to rub with a sponge soaked in sweet milk (cold) and soap. Talcum powder can be used to clean the leather gloves. If you want to keep other items safe then use the plastic bags.

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