EZ Caps Wine and Beer Making Kit

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I have been making homemade wine and hard cider for several years now with the E-Z CAPS and HIGHLY recommend them. The process is so simple it’s astonishing. Use an empty two liter soda bottle, fill it about 90% full with your favorite juice, add some sugar and a little yeast (the yeast and several recipes come with the kit) then screw on the E-Z CAP and sit back and let nature do it’s thing. Wine Making

In about 3-5 days you’ll have some of the best tasting wine, cider or champagne that you have ever tasted ! With a small change of ingredients and a little extra time to ferment you can also have great tasting beers or mead (honey wine). You can even make homemade soda ! There is a great forum full of recipes, suggestions, flavor experiments, Q&A, etc. for the E-Z Caps at [..] .

You can easily tailor the taste and alcohol content of the end product by simply changing the amount of sugar used, types of sugar/juices used and/or letting it sit and ferment for longer or shorter periods of time..

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