Software to Avoid a Tax Audit When you file

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ax filing errors wave a huge red flag at the IRS. If you’re looking for a magic tax software program that prevents an audit, you’re out of luck. On the other hand I can recommend a tax software company that has a built in Audit Alert system.

First we’re going to talk about how to avoid a tax audit. When you file your income tax return, you must be very careful to avoid common mistakes. If you do make mistakes, you will most likely get a notified by the IRS.

Here are some of the common mistakes;1. Social Security Number Errors

2. Earned Income Credit Errors

3. Mathematical Errors

4. Don’t forget your signature

5. Using the wrong tax form

There are many more tax filing mistakes you could potentially make, but why take the chance? If you seriously want to reduce your risk of an audit, you should use TurboTax Online. They have an Audit Risk Meter that will help you to steer clear of an audit.

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