Simple Wash Cleansing Up Your Leather Handbags

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It can be very heartbreaking to see our most expensive leather handbags go to waste just because they lacked proper maintenance. It is a common sense that buying an expensive leather handbag, you should know how to wash it properly. You might not know this but there are actually very easy and inexpensive ways that can help you know how do I wash leather handbags. For preserving leather handbags along with washing it with proper technique you also need to make sure you are taking possible measures to store it properly too otherwise it will no use wasting you time trying to clean your leather handbag.

How do I wash leather handbags does not involve some kind of rocket science therefore you don’t need to be worried if you have managed to spill the salad dressing on your new leather bag somehow at last night’s dinner, it can still be the same with just some easy to follow leather washing tips.

Well, it is a common sense that before washing the leather handbag, you will need to take the contents away from it, but sometimes we forget to do it. This should be avoided, so that the first thing you need to do is to check all the pockets of your leather handbag to make sure that it is all empty. Once you are done with this step try to take out the lining from the inside of the bag, most of leather handbags come with a very flexible liner which can be easily taken out for washing purposes. Remember the lining will always be made of a fabric that involves very easy washing routine. There is no need for spending more money on professional dry-cleaning service, as you can do it yourself. Now start washing your lining with a mixture of water and washing power, make sure you do not use too much of the washing powder since you don’t need to. You should keep the water off the leather as the leather will be spoiled. Once you massage the soapy water on the lining rinse it with clean water and you will notice visible results. Now leave your linen to dry completely in order to proceed with the outer cleaning.

Focus now on the leather part of the bags, as it will be very risky considering the type of the leather of the bag. Several techniques can be done to clean the leather, for example by using damp cloth; rub the damp cloth with good moisturizing soap then rub it to the leather without making it wet. To clean the excess soap from your leather handbag do not use water you can do this by using a damp wipe and then polish it well with the help of a dry towel. Leave it in for sometime and then you can use any good leather conditioner and there you have it, you as new as ever leather handbag.

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