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Wedding is the thing that anyone want to make perfect, and I sure that you too. Flaws are inexcusable on wedding days. That is why they always prepare months-or to some years-before the wedding date. They set where the venue is, who will be invited, and picking those who will have roles during the wedding. The bride is also to pick who will design the dress, what design she wants that goes with her chosen theme for the wedding, and shoes-no one forgets the shoes. Shoes are important because the bride will be wearing this for the whole wedding ceremony and during the wedding reception. The steps on the aisle is determined by the shoes that the bride is wearing, and you need to find the most comfortable shoes for it. So imagining a boots for wedding is definitely uncommon, but interesting. Bride would always want their wedding to be simple but sometimes there are those who would want to risk it and therefore have a distinctive wedding by using a boots for wedding.

During the 19th century, boots were only intended for men who ride horses. Boots never be a street wear, and become a highlight on the fashion industry. No one believed before that anyone can wear it with style. Usually it was bad in design, and it have black colour. Fortunately, there were categories of English horse-riding. There are lots of styles for boots today, and you can find the kind that you will find very useful. When women started riding horses, and seemed to be good at it, women’s boots were then made-but again it was only for horse-riding.

It was in the year 1920s that boots were worn by women. As hemlines of skirts go up, long boots were demanded more. However, this rage of boots didn’t last long. Because the roads become more and more comfortable, and people starts using cars instead of horses, boots are considered not comfortable at all, and you can see that it is also not fashionable enough. Then in the late 1960s, women boots came back to the fashion industry. Comfort is the main reason for it. And since Nancy Sinatra song that talking about boots in 1966, women everywhere become really interested in boots. Boots then become really popular everywhere. It was then in the 1980s that designers placed boots in the runway with skirts and dresses.In the 1980s, designers using boots for their fashion lines, and they match it up with skirts and dresses. This is the real reason why people are wearing boots everywhere today.

You can use boots for wedding when you have the outdoor wedding, and this is actually the best footwear you can get for your wedding. Who could stop them if both the bride and groom want it? I would consider a boots for wedding; it’s uncommon, interesting, and still classic.

It was said that the idea of having boots for women was revolutionary because it gives the perception that women in boots are powerful. They can do any activities like the men do. That is why the women who are wearing boots for wedding really need to be confidence because she must feel great about her man, and she would do anything for her man in the future. This is the best statement you can get for saying your love to your husband, let people think what they want, it is what you really think about the boots and your man that really matters in the future. You would be your husband partner, the best person for him, and you will be able to take care of him for the rest of your life.

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