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If you are shopping for baby gifts, and decide on clothing items then you will have to keep few things in mind. Of course all babies need clothing as much as they need anything else but if you do not have children, or yours are long grown, you may not think about what is better for the baby and the parents. You may just buy what you think is cute. There is nothing wrong with cute, of course, but some items are more practical and useful to new parents when it comes to infant baby clothes. If you pick the right items, the new parents will thank you for being so thoughtful.

Most parents prefer what are commonly called ‘onsies’. These are one piece items that look like a tee shirt but snap down under the diaper. They sure useful and easy to use when changing a diaper. They are great under clothing too, but not great if temps are low. If it is cold outside, think more about sleepers than anything else, especially in infant baby clothes sizes. The sleeper comes in many forms. Many have snaps that allow you to take the outfit on and off of the baby without having to pull it over baby’s head. That is nice, but in the middle of the night, those snaps can be confusing and a wriggling baby makes it almost impossible to get it on correctly. If you can find these with zippers, all the better. Just make sure the zipper is put on the infant baby clothes so that it will not pinch the baby in any while while being put on, taken off, or while worn.

Some sleepers come without feet. This type of infant baby clothes is great for parents in the middle of the night and also act as a type of swaddle for the baby. The bottom is straight across and does not have legs for the feet. It is almost like a small bag. Baby can kick around in there, but only so much. This gives them the same comfort a swaddling blanket does. Not only that, you do not have to fight with your baby’s legs at night while changing a diaper. You just unsnap or unzip, change the diaper, and fasten back up.

There are also sleepers that are open at the bottom. The bottom is open, with some companies making them with elastic at the bottom so they stay down over the legs rather than ride up while baby is sleeping. These are not commonly bought infant baby clothes items, but are in the end the most used by parents if they have them.

No matter what you decide to buy, feel the cloth. Make sure the material is soft and do not have any zippers or buttons which might pinch or hurt the baby. No shiny stickers which might come out. Some babies are very sensitive to the material of the cloth so better to stick with organic or cotton cloths. Choose wisely.

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