Top Accessories for the T-Mobile G2x

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The original G2 phone had long lasting popularity so it wasn’t that big of a shocker that the new G2x has got a lot of hype. Like the G2, the T-Mobile G2x is an affordable powerhouse. But this time it even has a dual-core NVIDIA processor packed under the hood, and its features, performance and speed are more refined than ever. In addition, T-Mobile, along with a host of third-party manufacturers, has ensured that we have access to a massive range of accessories. That’s the good news. The bad news is that our budget only stretches so far, so in this article, we examine the accessories for the T-Mobile G2x that we consider must-haves.

The T-Mobile G2x comes with a 4.0-inch LED-backlit capacitive IPS-LCD touch screen. This screen isn’t simply gorgeous. It’s absolutely stunning and the top priority should be to keep it this way. Therefore, if we only buy one accessory for the it, then it should be a screen protector. The second most important accessory that we can buy is a case, which does for it shell what the protector does for the screen. We might even be able to save some money by buying a case-protector combo unit.

Next, we’re going to need some Bluetooth accessories. If you’re lucky, you might have a Bluetooth accessory left over from using it for the original G2. But it boasts a sophisticated Bluetooth v2.1 implementation, and in order to get the most out of it, we want Bluetooth accessories that leverage those features. The first choice should be a Bluetooth headset or earpiece, and that way we have hands-free access to our device whenever we need it. Then, if our car weren’t Bluetooth-enabled, we’d consider buying a Bluetooth car kit, and a Bluetooth speaker is a convenient way to enhance and add versatility to our multimedia experience.

If somehow our budget stretched this far, then we’re looking into batteries and chargers. This phone includes a 1500mAh battery and a nice charger that’s suitable for home use. But this battery won’t last as long against heavy power use so an extended life battery can be of great service. And we can use that default 1500mAh battery as our backup. We’re also going to need a travel charger, preferably one with an USB lead. We’ll also want a cigarette lighter adapter if our car doesn’t have USB, and an USB-to-AC adapter is convenient for those overnight stays.

If you really want to go further, you can look into docking stations. In a perfect world, we have one for home, our office and our car. But one is a good start too. The great thing about a docking station is that you can set it up, dock your phone, and just leave it to charge and sync. Now, whenever you dock your phone, it begins to charge, and you have an automatic data connection with the computer and, in some cases, the memory card array.

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