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m-commerce first started with the use of wireless POS (Point Of Sale) swipe terminals and has since then made its way into cellular phones and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants). Wireless POS swipe terminals are much more expensive (usually around $700 and up) then regular “wired” terminals which require you to be nearby a phone jack and electrical outlet in order to operate. As a result, this has caused many people to find alternative ways to process transactions while their “on the road” — at least until now.

Cellular phones and PDA’s have largely grown in popularity and as a result manufacture’s have made significant improvements and added features to attract even more consumers and meet current owners demands. One of those features is wireless transaction processing. Imagine being able to process credit card and debit card transactions wirelessly within seconds at tradeshows, business seminars, house calls, etc. Wireless Processing Benefits

Before m-commerce solutions became available collecting funds for orders done “on the road” required people to either pay by cash, check or write down their credit card information so you could process the transaction later back at your office. The fact is, cash and checks can get lost and credit card information, if not put in a secure place, can get into the wrong hands between the time the information was taken down and the customers card was charged. m-commerce solutions have taken a lot of the hassles out of doing business “on the run.”

* Improved cash flow * Secure credit and debit card authorizations within a matter of seconds * Reduced instances of credit card fraud and chargebacks * Ability to conduct business where phone line connections don’t exist

m-commerce Resources

1. iPhone Wireless Credit Card Processing Wireless processing via your iPhoneis probably one of more cost effective ways to process cards on the road. Not only does a service like this work with cell phones, but also any phone for that matter. Thompson Merchant Services offers a very appealing wireless processing package for just $39 to setup. I would highly recommend it, click here for mobile credit card processing.

2. Virtual Terminal – If you have a laptop (notebook) computer that’s able to connect to the Internet while you’re mobile (on-site, at a hotel, etc.) then you can process credit card orders securely over any Internet web browser. Since you cannot swipe the clients credit card the processing fees are slightly higher, however you don’t incur the high costs of purchasing a wireless swipe terminal which ranges approx. $700+. If interested, contact any Merchant Service Provider for details and pricing. Virtual Terminal is almost always coupled with the purchase of a Real-Time Internet processing solution. If you already have a Real-Time solution check with your Merchant Account Provider on how to process orders via your Virtual web-based terminal. The Virtual Terminal solution is nice since there’s no software to install and no long-term leases to be bound to. Typical price ranges from around $50 and up, however there may be no additional cost if purchased along with a real-time processing solution.

3. IVR Terminals, also referred to as Interactive Voice Response Terminals are a relatively new method of being able to process credit cards, check cards (debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo on them), and checks (ACH – Automatic Check Handling) via any touch-tone or wireless cell phone. IVR Terminals help to greatly reduce chargebacks and fraudulent orders.

4. AirCharge offers solutions for both Cell phones and PDA devices. Their PDA wireless processing solutions can be hooked to a card reader so you can obtain the lowest rates possible for your face-to-face transactions. They have several solutions available for both PDA’s and Cell phones.

5. BlackBerry 2-Way Pager with magnetic card reader. Wirelessly process credit and debit cards on the go and ensure you get the lowest processing rates possible by using a magnetic card reader attachment for the pager. Rapidly decreases the chances of fraud and chargebacks. NextDayFunding and ePayWireless are two companies that offer solutions for the BlackBerry pager.

6. Wireless, portable POS swipe terminal ($700 and up). If you’d rather just invest money in a wireless POS swipe terminal you can inquire with any Merchant Account Provider and they can meet your wireless terminal needs. There are wireless swipe terminals available that have embedded printers and those that don’t. In general, you can expect to pay a lot for these terminals, and even more for those that have their own printer embedded within the unit itself.

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