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It’s truly incredible to know about so many marketing and advertising vehicles that exist on the internet. But finding a reliable income producing system that works for you 24/7 is definitely a challenge. Bum marketing has really helped people in this area and made it possible for them to generate a good income from nothing but free articles. So we’re going to share a few bum marketing tips that are free to take and use in your marketing.

You won’t want keywords that anyone else is targeting so you may have to do some out of the box thinking to come up with unique ones. Yahoo Answers is a good method to use for driving your keyword search. Try it, type your keywords into Yahoo! Answers. Do you see anyone asking questions related to your direct keywords? If there are alot of them you can go ahead and create articles related to those keywords. There are more places to look than just Yahoo Answers, try visiting targeted forums in your niche to locate discussions that people are having. As you are reading through the threads pay special attention to those with the most visits and posts. Use your “keyword inspiration” list to add the keywords in the title to your list. When you enter into bum marketing, you need to forget the traditional way of writing articles. Your only purpose for writing a bum marketing article is to get traffic to your site. This is why you need to write articles that are short and to the point. Everybody searching online wants to avoid large chunks of information and instead get a laser targeted version of what they’re looking for. Plus, besides being convenient for the reader; it allows you to pack it with the best info. One of the keys to effective bum marketing is to capture the attention of your reader’s as quickly as you can. Besides, writing shorter articles is less work for you.

Yet another tip for effective bum marketing many people either don’t know about or ignore completely. Instead of using your real name, use a pen name when you’re submitting your articles. There are a couple of advantages to using this tip. You can ignore the mistakes that may creep in by having a pseudo name or pen name. This really means that you don’t have to worry about posting poor quality articles because noone will ever know who really posted it in the first place. Besides that, when you become a known personality in the Internet marketing circles, having a pen name will allow you to avoid any spying from the competitors. The fact is that bum marketing is simple, straightforward, and produces results. Just keep the above tips in mind to make your journey easier.

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