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In the past several years the wholesale mobile phone business has undergone a major revolution. The fact is that China has turned out to be one of the few nations in the world that, despite the decline worldwide of the delivery of mobile phones, has continued to enjoy a steady growth in sales. These days, China is one of the world’s largest mobile phone marketplaces. In fact, in recent years, there are more subscribers of mobile phones in China than there are of land lines.

Currently, China manufactures more mobile phones and is one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world. These days, China is one of the only countries in the world that differentiate themselves from their competitors as a result of highly developed methods and increased production capabilities in order to manufacture models of mobile phones with pioneering styles and features that add value. China is one of the world’s primary 3G mobile phone manufacturers because of the award of long awaited 3G license.

According to the latest statistics, in recent years, China delivered 134,000,000 mobile phones, which was 34.5 percent greater than in past years. In addition, the number of subscribers to the mobile phone service reached 480,000,000 in past years, which represents approximately 20,000,000 more than in previous years. Also, another trend that has become increasingly popular recently has been the usage of content. According to the latest research, mobile phone subscribers sent 502,700,000,000 SMS messages, which was 42.3% higher than in previous years.

In addition, in accordance to the best industry experts, the primary increase in the sale of China mobile phones has been the result of the rapid expansion of networks, the liberalized foreign ownership laws, and recent industry deregulation. Also, the extreme reduction in the cost of the mobile phones has further contributed to strong growth.

China’s recent economic development is directly related to the amazing growth of China’s mobile phone sales. When China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO), the local mobile gadget industry became a primary part of the worldwide electronic market although it was previously considered being isolated. The Chinese marketplace and mobile phone industry is rapidly evolving. China’s mobile phone marketplace offer some incredible opportunities for both trade and investment for both in the future and in the present as a result of China’s large reach in the marketplace. The fact is that these days, the players from all over the world in the telecom industry are looking at China to help them make some real profits.

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