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Regardless of how good your product or service is, the words you use in your sales letter can either generate thousands of dollars, or lose thousands in sales.

To sell your product whether online or offline really comes down to having a effective ad copy also known as a Sales Letter. A good sales letter usually means you need a good copywriter for the job.

One of the most successful direct marketers and copywriters is Ted Nicholas. He has generated over $7 Billion of sales for himself and his clients using just the power of words.

Here is the kicker. Ted received no formal training and learned to use words effectively by accident when he was running a fudge shop. He is convinced that you do not need formal language training to be a copywriter but sales training. He also says that if you have a product or service that you are passionate about, no hired hand can do a better job than you yourself.

Copywriting and marketing go hand-in-hand and if you can find a mentor who is ready to coach you nothing like it. You could also find courses some of which are very good and some that are junk. Most university education does not produce great copywriters. If you look at the track record, most of the legendary copywriters (and even writers) were self-educated to quite an extent.

I came across an inspirational interview with legendary Ted Nicholas and it is an absolute must for any small business owner or marketer whether you sell products or services online or offline. Listen to the interview and it will expand the way you think

Click Here to Listen to This Interview

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