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Quality control is always an issue when you are dealing with imports from China. You have to make sure that when the imports arrives the import business that are dealing with will make sure that it meets all of the original requirements.

Controlling the quality of imports can be hard. When you are arranging the commercial terms of the consignment agreement with the supplier of the Chinese imports you should be careful to protect yourself. Until you are sure that the imported goods that you have ordered are of sufficient quality, you should only make partial payments of reserve the payment altogether. If you and the import supplier have agreed to a particular specification, you should ensure that the import supplier really understands this specification. Worldwide businesses like SGS can provide certification, testing, verification, and inspection services all around the world. SGS is recognized for setting the benchmark all over the world for integrity and quality. The business has a network of more that 1,000 laboratories and offices all over the worlds and about 48,000 employees. This type of testing agency will make sure that the exporter will meet all of the specifications that you and the export supplier have agreed to. There are numerous dubious traders and scams on the Internet. The worst way to do business with China is on the Internet.

Most westerners aren’t experienced at negotiating the prices for a skill. However, the Chinese people are famous for their practice of cutting corners on quality and materials to simply make more money or to regain any lost margins. Oftentimes small businesses are at a total loss when dealing with Chinese traders. Because it is so difficult to determine if a Chinese trader is reputable, you shouldn’t deal with import businesses on the Internet. There is simply no other way around it.

Communications with an import company in China is another problem. It can be very difficult to negotiate business problems that are complex such as laws, politics, culture, expectations, morals, when you don’t understand the language. You should also learn as much as possible about the way that business in China works.

It is also important that all importers understand the customs procedures for clearing the goods that are being imported. You should get some advice from an expert when you are trying to determine which customs duty applies because it can be very complex when you are just starting out. You should make use of a distributor or a clearing agent to take care of the customs clearing side of the business. However, you should be very careful when you are doing this because you need to find an agent that has experience in customs regulations. Otherwise, the result might have financial implications that are negative.

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