Houston Couples Massage Centers Hair Removal

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Our bodies have hairs that sometimes make us feel hot. They also make people look ugly. One needs to remove them so that they can feel fresh and free. Houston Couples Massage Centers like http://www.beyondbeaute.com have a very effective hair removal treatment. In the gone times people used wax as a way of removing this hair. Aestheticians would heat wax and when it gets hot enough, they apply it on the skin. Normally, a cloth would be placed over the wax. This would enable them to pull out the hair. Wax would dry up and at the same time cling on the hair. The aesthetician would pull out the cloth in a rush so that the hair comes out with the wax. It is a process that ca be painful at times. Waxing removes hair from different parts of the body. This includes eyelashes, eyebrows and chest hair. Houston Couples Massage aestheticians use a rather more modern way of hair removal. They ensure that guests are comfortable. However, Houston Couples Massage centers use sugaring as a means of removing hair. Sugaring works as waxing. Normally, a sticky paste of sugar strip is used. The sugar is more effective than the wax because it attaches to hair better. Also, it does not require heating. This removes the effects of burning.

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