MLM Success Series: How To Speak to Friends & Family The Right Way About Your MLM Business

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Immediately when we originally get into the foray of MLM what is the FIRST thing we’re told to do? That’s right, write down a list of everyone you have ever known from the time you were pretty much brought into this world. Starting with the gentleman at Fivebucks Coffee who sold you your frappu-mocha-whatever-cino all the way up to the doctor that slapped you on the ass right when you were born, everyone is a target. The dilemma is that it feels totally unnatural, you appear nervous, and your friends stop you in your tracks (sometimes violently) and you lose said friendship and/or your motivation to move forward.

Now, the new wisdom is to NEVER speak to friends and family ever about our business, to talk only to people who already have an entrepreneurs’ mindset to begin with. Though it’s definitely valid that you will only want people on your team who exhibit the correct mindset, if you don’t have the air of being successful already, these guys & gals will shut you down even worse, as they have no idea who you are; to them you’re just some salesperson who is eating away at their valuable time because you were too anxious to get your message out to them appropriately. This is because you have no place to really make a start, no real approach of really honing your new skills (especially if you’re learning a brand new skillset to begin with.)

This, of course, takes us full circle to friends and family. It’s usually best to start off with people you’re familiar with, but this needs to happen without all the unnecessary stress. This report will guide you through exactly how to approach your friends and family so they will see what you want to show them minus the excess drama.

When you ask your buddy to help you out with something, like, give you a ride, they would probably give you a hand, right? In essence, it’s the exact same principle here. What you should do is just ask as a favor to help you polish your presentation skills. You can simply say something like this:

“Hey John, it’s Roy. Hey listen, can you do me a favor? I just started with a business, and I need to do some presentations and I’ve never done them before. Can you help me out and give me your opinion on what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong? Can I trust you to give me an honest assessment?”

So, instead of saying how we just joined a brand new company that is “absolutely taking the country by storm right now” and how they “can’t afford to pass on this great opportunity,” we are straightforward about showing them a business presentation, completely without the need for a scripted sales pitch that’s just completely out of place. The “trick” here is that you are sincere about this… you really need to talk to them from a place that you really are just asking for opinion. If you’re sincere about this (unless they’re complete jerks) then you will have them intently listening to your presentation so they can help you out. Also, there will also be a better chance that they’ll actually benefit from what they see and sign up in your business! You get to keep your friends, you get to show more people your presentation, and you get rid of the drama of rejection. A total package of success.

The fear of rejection has always been the bane of any new network marketer’s existence. I sincerely hope this report helps anyone new to MLM to get the ball rolling, and get the momentum necessary to attain your “MLM success”. I know there will be people who are in competing MLM companies that may be looking at this report, and that’s alright with me. You entered into network marketing to create a life that’s more worth living for you and the people you care about, and if I’m able to help you with that, no matter what network marketing business you are in, then I feel that I’ve done my job. However, this is just one guide post to take you in the right direction. Eventually, it will be up to you to walk it.

To achieve “MLM Success” hard work and dedication are an absolute requirement, as well as learning a brand new skillset that you may have yet to be taught. Click on the next link to discover the skills you need to become the leader you need to be, to achieve the “Network Marketing Success” you were meant to have with attraction marketing expert, Roy Dunne.

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