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Is Bellamora A Solid Home Business?

I decided to write this article regarding Bellamora for two reasons:

1. So you can have a true 3rd party perspective from someone who is NOT a sales representative for Bellamora, and has seen a lot of MLMs come and go in this industry, so I can help you sift through the lies.

2. To equip you with essential guidance on exactly what you need to make it as a representative with Bellamora, if you wish to sign up in this company.

What Does Bellamora Offer?

On the surface, Bellamora appears like a network marketing business that promotes its own line of skin care products. In the video Bellamora was referred to as a “cosmi-ceutical” skin care system.

Product packs cost:

$199 for the Basic Pack ($50 commission)

$299 for the Premium Pack and ($100 commission)

$499 for the Ultimate Pack ($250 commission)

Each pack has a variety of products from the Bellamora line.

The headlining product appears to be the burn cream that kicked the whole thing off. I saw the video on the site with Dr. Miller’s story; this poor guy was scalded from head to waist with second- and third-degree burns. What he ended up doing was applying the cream, which he originally developed previously for skin viruses, liberally on his burns every day, and he was totally healed 15 days afterwards, which is just plain unheard of. They took pictures documenting his recovery and showed the results of the cream. Eventually, he added new ingredients to create products for the whole skin care line.

I will confess, I’m usually skeptical about the genuine effectiveness of most of the products marketed by many of the network marketing companies out there, but I have to say, I was absolutely impressed by that story & accompanying pictures of the burn creme’s results.

How to Stay Active in Bellamora:

There is a $19.95 associate’s fee (didn’t say if it was per month, per year, or simply an one time fee), and being on the autoship program to get 60 PV ($60) worth of Bellamora product every month. This can be from personal purchases, retail customer purchases, or preferred customer purchases.

Is Bellamora a legitimate business?

Looking at the Better Business Bureau’s website, Bellamora currently has a B rating. What lowered the score was the short length of time the company has been in business. What raised the score was that zero complaints were filed with the BBB, and there is adequate background information about the company in the BBB’s database. Bellamora, as of April 3, 2011, has yet to be accredited by the BBB.

What You Need To Succeed in Bellamora

Then again, no business is perfect. There is an obvious and potentially critical flaw that could very well kill any sincere hopes a sales rep with Bellamora would have of creating a dream-lifestyle income and live the life they desire.

One major thing I saw in the company’s video was HOW they marketed their product. Their chief technique is person-to-person “marketing,” also known as irritating friends & family about this new product that you’re so suddenly excited about. They bring up the social media platforms Facebook, MySpace & Twitter in passing, but it is still the same, outdated method with new lipstick: harassing friends & family.

This particular marketing “strategy” still to this day decimates countless strong relationships mainly because of the lack of training on how to efficiently market yourself and not acting like a frustrating nuisance.

What is necessary for you to survive (in most cases) and thrive (in all cases) in your business, regardless of which business you join, is a simple strategy to almost effortlessly bring leads directly to you, already seeking you out with credit card in hand, delighted to sign on to YOUR primary company and YOUR team! If you can figure out how to do exactly that, and partner up with an experienced leader to direct you through this critical process, there is no telling how far you will be able to go with your Bellamora business.

Roy Dunne is a 4 year veteran of the field of network marketing. He wrote this article in order to supply hype free information on Bellamora. Sadly, most Bellamora reps won’t see the victory in their business that they so desire because they aren’t taught the necessary marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their business. For the best Bellamora techniques, business building advice, and tools in existence online, check out our online Bellamora success center with our Bellamora online marketing coach, Roy Dunne.

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