Ethics in marketing

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  • The internet marketers analogy

    There are rams, wolves, goats and sheep. Let’s take the wolves first. They don’t really care about their customer. Wolves care about their customers billfold or purse and how to extract as much cash as possible from it. They will say, do or promise just about anything to get someone to hit the order button. The rams are on the same page with the wolves, the only real difference is they are in positions of power. For instance a moderator at a popular IM forum or a speaker at a major IM event. And the rams are in a position to defend the wolves from any threats, and they do so effectively.

    • The sheep are the ones who aren’t aware of how the game is played yet. They are relativity new to internet marketing and buy eagerly without being fully aware of all the risks and pitfalls. Therefore the sheep are an easy mark for the rams and wolves. Read the full article at Internet Marketing Goats Posted by Facebook opt in app

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