Casino Gambling — Bingo!!!

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My first trip to Las Vegas came later in life than it should have. I was twenty eight, and on the business conference my husband and I decided to fly to Sin City. We had accommodation included in the conference price so we thought it was pretty good deal. Though we were busy with the conference, we managed to get some time for gambling and fun.

My hubby had done some casino gambling before, so he knew what we were getting into. And I on the other hand was totally new to casino gambling. So I stayed pretty low betting pennies and nickels while My husband was pretty hooked on blackjack early on, and like just about everyone else, he lost more than he won.

But eventually he didn’t. It happens for everyone with casino gambling: You get on that run, you get every card you need, you walk away from the table with a stack of chips. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world, and one that can’t quite be replicated in any other venue. The key to walking away from the table as a winner with casino gambling is recognizing when that streak has arrived, and pressing your bets as hard as you dare. You may be sitting at a ten dollar table, but if the dealer’s sitting on nothing but fours and sixes, you can and should up your bets. Remember, you’re betting on them busting nearly as much as you’re betting on yourself beating them. Recognize the cards, recognize the streak, and press your bets!

This worked for my husband that weekend in Vegas, too. There’s nothing better than walking into a casino with a few hundred dollars and walking out with a few thousand. I shopped to my hearts content without spending my hard earned money. Yes, there’s always the danger of easy come, easy go, but that’s why it’s casino gambling.

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