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Article marketing is still the most effective way to get massive and targeted visitors to your website quickly. But you must put some things into consideration if you want it to work for you, always read the rules and guidelines for writing good articles on directories. If you want to maximize your articles, you must use captivating titles and summaries for all your articles, this is very important because when you articles come up on search engines, people will see only your article title and summary. So if they are captivating, people will want to read more and if your article body is informative, most people will visit your website. Also some people look for information on different topics on directories, they will first see your title and summary, so you should make it very captivating.

Also your article body should be very informative, it should explain its summary and not other things, this way people will know that you are an expert in your field and will want to check out your site or blog. When writing your articles, give so much information and you will have so many of your readers visit your website. There are some guidelines you must take note of when writing your articles so that they will be approved when submitted. First make your title unique, buy this I mean do not use common titles, because if someone else has used it before, your article won’t be approved. Also the summary should give a brief overview of what the body is all about and it should have a minimum of 2 sentences. When writing your article body, make sure you do not repeat any keyword for every 100 words and if you want to submit your article to many directories, write a minimum of 500 words.

Now you know how to write quality articles, first register with at least 15 top article directories, you can get a list of the top directories by doing a search on Google. After registering with them confirm or verify your account from your email address, be sure to use the same email address and username for all of them so you won’t forget your login details. Then login anytime you have any articles to submit. After writing your articles make sure they are free from spelling errors. You can submit your articles daily to all the directories and you will get free traffic and a higher search engine position. Also note that if you want to achieve more from your articles, don’t submit the same article to all your directories, submit a unique article each to your directories, this way your search engine rank will increase.

Lastly if you must make money from article marketing, you will need to write and submit more articles. As you begin to write, it may look difficult, but with time you would be able to write 3 quality articles in less than an hour and so with just 5 hours a day, you will get 15 unique articles. Article marketing is the best traffic generation method because you will always get visitors from your articles as long as they remain online.

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