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Mobile phones in China are primarily very well manufactured copies of some very exclusive as the famous mobile/smart phone. They feature dual SIM cards, webcam/cam, a high quality WAP browser for surfing the Internet, a very loud sound output, a touch screen, and many other features that you simply won’t find in any other mobile phone for the same money.

Slots for dual SIM cards might seem like a useless feature until you use them and then you wouldn’t want to use a mobile phone with only one available SIM card slot. Both SIM cards will be active at the same time and you can use two different SIM cards.

All of the mobile phones from China have cameras. However, regardless what they claim to have for megapixel, usually they are one or two megapixels. Obviously, this is not the absolute best but they will take reasonably good pictures. If you want to compare these cameras to the cameras that have 30K available on Smartphones you should remember how inexpensive they are.
If you connect a handset to c computer, the camera can also be used as a webcam. In addition, the handset will provide USB storage.

Some standard features include a file system, customization, some games, a calculator, a reminders notebook, a calendar, an alarm, video and audio players, FM radio, and Bluetooth. Unlike most mobile phones in this price range that will only store about sixty text messages, you can store many hundreds of text messages on China mobile phones.

Usually full touch screens in the China mobile phones are available with a slide hardware keyboard that is very durable and easy to use. Because of the software that they use, the China mobile phones that have the onscreen keyboard are very difficult to use.

The China mobile phones often emulate such other phones as the Qadri mobile phone, the Motorola BackFlip, the Nokia E7/N8, and Sony Ericsson’s X1. On some China mobile phones that are somewhat more expensive java is available. With these mobile phones you can run many java applications such as Opera Mini and eBuddy.

There are many China mobile phones that are available with a television feature. On these mobile phones you can actually tune in to a cable if local television. This is a very nice feature if you just happen to be somewhere that you have to spend a lot of time that doesn’t have any electricity.

Everybody can afford a China mobile phone including businessmen, workers, professional, students, rich or poor. People use them while they are waiting on a bus watch movie clips, listen to FM radio, and play games and much more.

China mobiles are just as technologically advanced as any other mobile phone. They compare favorably to other mobile phones and are a lot less expensive. They are of good quality and are worth the price.

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